Welcome To QR Connected

QR Connected is the leader in the industry when it come to finding solutions and connecting people to important information FAST! QR Connected offers many programs using QR Codes and we now even have custom design technology to re a QR CODE to new places so now you do not need a new code every time you want to direct people to something new…

This is a great option for the realtors that are looking for the latest and best way to connect people and get that sale using our SCAN HOUSE program… We offer something really new for those people that have lost someone important in their lives and want to be able to remember them like never before. We now have QR CODES for memorial crosses, benches and head stones….. We also have some programs for animals with our DOG FIND program. We are PROUD SUPPORTERS OF THE BC SPCA and a portion from all sales from this program go to help support the BC SPCA. Our CATTLE TRACKING program is also a great way for small to mid size ranchers to track their animal and keep up to date medical records.

We know from our corporate online marketing campaigns, that there are approximately 5.5 billion mobile devices in the world right now. What better way to connect people to what they are looking for? We use mobile devices to reach our market for everything from banking services to dating sites. Ithought it would be ideal to be able to develop a program that could use the power of “mobile” to connect people everywhere!